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Chaviva is a well-traveled writer, blogger, and editor living in Denver. She has written and ghost written for countless publications in diverse industries.

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To see all Judaism articles, click here. Hello and welcome to's Judaism section! With a Master's in Judaic Studies and fairly unique background (I ......

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What Is the Western Wall?

Although many think that the Kotel was an actual wall of the Second Temple, it was actually a retaining wall of the greater Temple Mount area....

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Landing the Perfect Lulav: Tips, Laws, and More!

Check out this "how to" guide for the laws and quirks for landing the most beautiful lulav on the block!...

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The Sights, Sounds, and Punny Food of Rosh HaShanah

Chock full of unique and punny traditions and observances, Rosh HaShanah marks the kick-off to a special relationship between God and humankind....

2015 jewish calendar article

Mark Your Calendar! It's the 2014-15 Jewish Holiday Calendar.

This calendar contains the 2014-15 Gregorian calendar dates for all Jewish and Israeli holidays, festivals, and days of mourning....

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Why Do Some Jewish Women Cover Their Hair?

In Judaism, Orthodox women cover their hair beginning when they get married. But why?...

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The Western Wall: A Quick History

The Kotel has stood as a symbol of Judaism for thousands of years, but have Jews always been able to pray there?...

Ushpizin infographic article

Do you know about the 7 guests that make Sukkot special?

One of the most beautiful parts of Sukkot, the holiday that finds Jews sitting, eating, and sleeping in temporary huts, is the mitzvah of ushpizin....

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Make it kosher with mevushal wine!

Wine might seem an unlikely candidate for concern about kosher ingredients, but a past of use in pagan ritual means kosher wine has its own rules....

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Why Are Jewish Hand Washing Rituals Important?

Required before eating a meal at which bread is served, hand washing is a mainstay in the religious Jewish world beyond the dining room table....