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Chaviva Gordon-Bennett

Master Wordsmith and Curator of the

Chaviva is a well-traveled writer, blogger, and editor living in Denver. She has written and ghost written for countless publications in diverse industries.

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Finally! An ROI Tool to Watch Social Media Convert to Action

Most of the blog posts here on Blogmutt are “evergreen” and not really breaking news. This one is timely, and may be evergreen, or it may not be, depending on what Google does with this new tool to me...

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Get Your Small Business On Facebook Before It Gets One Billion Users

Facebook now has zoomed past 900 million active users, and it’s still growing, fast. Popular blogger and startup guru James Altucher pointed out that during the Super Bowl more advertisers showed thei...

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Let's Talk Twitter

Here’s the first of a new series of posts we’ll have with tools for small businesses. We believe, of course, that blogging is the cornerstone of any social media strategy, but you can and should build...

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Not Enough Hours in the Week? You Need a Business Blogging Service!

Here’s the latest example post from a Blogmutt writer. I’d write more about it, but I’m just too busy! If you are, like me, a busy small business CEO, I can tell you that it’s just wonderful having yo...

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Our Business Blogging Service Helps You Top Traditional Advertising

Here’s the latest in our series of posts from Blogmutt writers. This is a special case because it’s not just by a writer, but a Spring Blogmutt intern, who’s a remarkable blogger on her own site, the ...